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The reservation of taxis on demand has matured in a market of millions of dollars. Take a portion of that market with your own white-label taxi application that is truly white-label and personalized for every corner. From the installation of administrators to the registration of taxi drivers and also the management of customer data, we can help you create a taxi application that can do everything.

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A White-Label Taxi Application, Develop Your Order

At SharpWebStudio, we believe that building a mobile taxi reservation application should not be difficult. Nor should it be a shattered bank balance. Nor should it take years to complete the application and launch it to the market.

Our mobile application developers with special experience in creating custom applications can help you create a white-label taxi booking application that you are looking for. The taxi application is screwed with all the last-generation reservation functions on demand that users, drivers and administrators will look for.

To start, the real-time GPS tracking of the passenger and the driver. One-touch booking, integrated digital wallets for trouble-free payments, assessments and ratings, favorite routes, types of cars, hourly reservations and many more features that can be integrated into the mobile application. Consider all your requests for possible functions.

Would it look like an imitation of some other mobile application? As a white label mobile application, we will ensure that your taxi booking application looks original and branded. From color themes to the user interface, we can customize each pixel of your taxi application.

Why should you invest?

The Advantages Of Our On-Demand Taxi App Solutions

Get to know the many advantages that your business stands to gain by banking on our taxi app building solution

Passenger Profile

Every user or passenger can create an id with their personal contact details and get registered in their taxi booking application from the login page.

Ride Now

Passengers or Users can book a taxi to travel from one destination to other on the instant for immediate use from their real-time location with the ride now option.

Book for Others

A person can book the ride for someone else (Friends/Relatives) and send the ride details to them directly from the app. Even the driver can directly contact to the particular person.

Fare Estimates

Before booking the ride, users are able to see the estimated fare that they have to pay for the ride once they reach their selected destination.

Preferred Driver

Riders will be able to mark any driver as a preferred driver so that next time, the request will go to him if he is in the same vicinity.

Vehicle Selection

Passengers when booking can choose a cab that fits their time, size, and ride distance requirements.

Driver Tracking

GPS-driven vehicle tracking that highlights the accurate location and the movement of the driver towards user location.

Multiple Payment Options

Hassle-free payment options using wallet, cash or online transactions by which passengers can pay for their rides.

Notification Alerts

Passengers will get alerts via notifications for every successful cab booking, the arrival of a cab, ride cancellation, ride completion, offer alerts and so on.

SOS Button

When unexpected setbacks occur, a built-in emergency button is provided so that customers can use the SOS button to request emergency assistance.

Promo Codes

The customer can apply for promo codes & loyalty points to save money during the time of ride booking.

Referral Rewards

When users invite their friends or relatives to use the app then the users and their friends/relatives gets a unique referral code to leverage free rides/ credit.

Cancel Booking

Users can cancel their bookings with charges as applicable in the policy and user has to mention the appropriate reason for ride cancel.

Contact Driver

Passengers can connect with the drivers via a call or message to coordinate a pickup when needed.

Ride Ratings

For every completed ride, the passenger can rate the driver and share their review to their ride experience on the app.

Trip History

Customers can anytime view all their past and pre-booking trips along with data in timestamps can be seen in the user profile section.

Favorite Location

A user can mark frequently used pickup and drop locations for faster requests as favorites. It helps save time when the booking has to be done repetitively.

Help & Support

If in case passenger/user has any issue with a trip and complaint against the driver so he can seek for the support feature and directly contact to the hub to resolve the issue.

Invite Friends

Increase user base of the app by inducing existing users to invite their friends through social media, email or referral code.

Schedule Ride

Users can make PRE-BOOKING to book the taxi for future date and time.

Real-Time ETA

Passengers receive real-time ETA of the ride to the user’s location accurately.

Live Routing

The passenger can get all the details about their trip from the moment of arrival until the end of the trip.

Multilingual Support

User can use the application effortlessly in the multiple languages on a language of their choice.

Easy Registration

A simple and hassle-free process for drivers to easily register their vehicles or driver services with the application.

Select Availability

Drivers can alternate between their work hours and rest hours using the available and unavailable options.

Real Time Requests

All ride requests are populated on a real-time basis and forwarded to nearby drivers tracked using GPS.


Drivers may choose to accept or decline a particular trip of their availability or interest in taking the trip.

Trip Information

The driver obtains complete travel information, such as the passenger’s pick-up location, the delivery location and the estimated fare for the trip.


Built-in GPS-enabled navigation to guide the driver to the passenger’s drop location through the shortest and fastest route possible.

Cancel Booking

Not all bookings get through the first time. The driver can use the option to cancel a confirmed booking, if required.

Contact Passenger

Taxi drivers can contact passengers directly from the application when they are connected to the destination or to communicate with ETA.

Start/End Trip

Once the passenger is picked up, the driver can start the final trip using OTP or sliding gestures on the application screen.

Trip Summary

A complete summary of the trip that includes information such as a place of collection, place of delivery, final rate, customer details, etc.

Track Earnings

The driver can track all daily, frequency or monthly income from the application screen.

Driver Dashboard

From full trips to ongoing trips and earnings, the driver can see all the vital information on a single screen.

Rate Customer

Drivers can also rate passengers based on travel experience with star rating and comments.

SOS Contacts

When things go wrong unexpectedly, the driver can contact the administrator or other emergency assistance teams.

My Destination

Drivers can establish specific locations from where they want to get more trips.

Upcoming Rides

Drivers can track the numbers of the next scheduled trips from the dashboard, as well as the income of the trips.

Payment Management

The driver can receive payment in cash or in the wallet, payment can be transferred to the bank any point of time.

Trip History

The driver can see a complete list of the view with date and time of the trips and the profits obtained by using the travel history.


The driver can contact a service provider for any conflict or assistance.

Passenger Profile

Each user or passenger can create their own complete profile with their personal contact information.

Ride Now

Users can book a taxi for immediate use from their location in real time with the option to travel now.

Schedule Ride

For those unearthly cab rides, users can book a cab for a later time that is most convenient for them.

Book For Others

Users can book taxis using the application for another person and send them the trip details directly from the application.

Vehicle Selection

Users can choose a cab of their that best fits their time, size, and ride distance requirements.

Real-Time ETA

The application can highlight the real-time ETA of the trip to the user’s location accurately.

Fare Estimates

Inform users of an estimated rate that they have to pay for the trip once they arrive at their selected destination.

Driver Tracking

GPS-driven vehicle tracking that highlights the accurate location and the movement of the cab towards user location.

Multiple Payment Options

Passengers can pay using a variety of payment modes including cash, in-built digital wallet or cards.

Notification Alerts

Notification for every successful cab booking, the arrival of a cab, ride cancellation, ride completion, offer alerts and so on.

Preferred Driver

User-populated star rating and review system that selected new passengers to select high-rated drivers.

SOS Button

When any unexpected mishaps happen, customers can use the SOS button to reach out for emergency support.

Promo Codes

It encourages users to use the reduced application with loyalty schemes associated with promotional codes, discounts, etc.

Referral Rewards

Incentivize users to invite their near and dear to use the app with referral rewards in the form of free rides, promo codes, etc.

Cancel Booking

Users can cancel their bookings easily from the same screen where the ride was booked along with appropriate reasons.

Contact Driver

Users can communicate via the telephone with the taxi driver assigned directly from the application.

Ride Ratings

For each trip completed, the user can leave a star rating, as well as a text review of the travel experience.

Trip History

A complete history of all the completed rides along with data in timestamps can be seen the user profile section.

Favorite Location

A user can mark frequent frequent visits as favorites. It helps to save time when the reservation must be made repeatedly.

Multilingual Support

Users can toggle between multiple languages to use the app effortlessly on a language of their choice.

Help & Support

For any queries that the user cannot find a solution to, there help & support section can be added to resolve their queries.

Invite Friends

Increase user base of the app by inducing existing users to invite their friends through social media, email or referral code.

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Why should you invest?

The Advantages Of Our Taxi Application Solutions On Demand

Learn about the many advantages that your business can obtain by having our taxi application creation solution


100% customizable

Customize the app with your own brand presets like colour, fonts, themes and much more.


White Label Solution

A white label solution that can display the application as yours without any watermarks or logo restrictions.


High-end Security

Encryption based security system that prevents unauthorized access of all forms.


Ready to Market

The solution has completed testing stage and can be readily deployed post customization.


Scalable and Robust

A robust backend and a scalable database will ensure that your app will keep up with the pace of your business growth.



Customize and modify the application to work as a native application of any diverse industry.

How we Build it?

Technology Stack Behind Taxi App Development

Building a world-class mobile app requires top-notch tech stack. Here is what we bank on to make it happen.

  • Java

  • Google Analytics

  • Fabric.io

  • Swift

  • Google Map

    • Twilio

    • AWS SES

  • AWS Aurora

  • AWS EC2

  • S3

  • AWS API Gateway

  • NodeJs

  • Socket IO

  • MySQL

  • Google Firebase

  • AngularJs

  • PHP Codeigniter

    • Stripe

    • PayPal

    • Braintree
The Ideal Businesses

Benefits Of On-Demand Taxi App Solution

Our taxi app solution is envisioned to be friendly for a broad spectrum of business use cases.


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Create an on-demand truck reservation application that allows users to reserve a single truck from a fleet of them with fine logistics.


Carpooling App

Gather car owners and passengers who assign the same route and travel schedules with a car sharing application.


Hire a Bike

Kick off an on-demand bike rental business that allows users to connect to bike fleet owners and vice versa.


Tow Truck app

Create your own Uber for cranes that can be helpful for roadside assistance.


Airport Taxi

Airport transfers are hard to find and hard to book. A taxi booking application at the airport can simplify things for everyone.


Bus Booking

An on-demand bus booking app that allows users to book seats or entire buses for their personal/professional purposes.