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Case Study: Designing Logo for Diet Clinic.


Logo design and branded items for a full-service Diet Clinic.The original logo is a good tool for setting up connections with potential customers by shifting their mood with company characters.


Today we share a case study that demonstrates the creative process of diet clinic(gndc) logo design. There are so many brands around it that it seems to be hard to design an absolutely unique symbol; however, skilled and experienced designers stand out among thousands of other brands can find a way to create a brand sign.

Client: Goenka
Project Date: 1 April 2019


Recently, we provided a branding service to a diet clinic called Get Nurished Diet Clinic (gndc). Task to refurbish old, plain and weak color palette logo. The new brand sign was expected to modernize the appearance of the current corporate profile to accommodate the characteristics of the target audience.

The client liked the previous logo idea and asked to improve its style and color palette. Then the selected style sticker must be developed into a set of brand items such as business cards, envelopes, T-shirts. The main client request was to keep the current logo symbol gndc.

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Delivering Results

Once the final version was confirmed, it was accurately tested in different resolutions, on multiple devices and surfaces to check that the logo operates effectively for various environments. The logo maintains harmony and consistency in the horizontal and vertical placement of its elements.

The final version of the logo was also tested on a smooth colored surface to provide marketing flexibility for the brand sign.


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