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Case Study: App Development For MindBens


MindBens contacted us to provide a better and more reliable platform than any other platform in the industry. Unlike other companies, they wanted to add more safety features to the app and make it more useful to their customers. A separate app panel was required for customers and administrators. In addition to common app solutions, clients wanted to add functionality to their apps and make them more valuable to their customers.

Client: Emily
Project Date: 14 December 2018

Challenge And Solutions

Choosing the correct instruments

After incorporating client feedback, a team of experienced developers was appointed to develop a complete on-demand app solution. We use advanced technologies such as Swift, Java, MongoDB, Node.js, and AWS servers to make sure your app works properly on both Android and iOS platforms.

The team of app developers adds the necessary functionality to the application to act like a daily positive affirmation sent directly to the client device at a customer-selected time. Also, make your app flexible so that it is easy to use for customers that are properly designed for clients.

mind beans app images, mind beans app development images,


Understanding the customer’s prerequisites, we delegated a group of experienced application designers to utilize the best of innovation and make an on-request application that meets the customer’s targets.

mind beans app images, mind beans app development images,
mind beans app images, mind beans app development images,
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Delivering Results

Finally, we developed an on-demand app that meets client requirements. The client was happy with the positive results and the app was getting the results they expected. A team of experienced and skilled developers created the application taking into account client requirements and expectations from the on-demand platform. We provided an amazingly easy-to-use app panel that customers can use to set their time and get positive affirmations every day.

We also provide the client with a well-designed landing page and promotional services to request that the application be noticed by the people they need. Our team of expert designers includes landing page elements to make it more useful for the customer.

1.00% CTR
22% Less CPA
303% ROI

From The Clients

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